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Videos that are either uncategorized or my involvement

was in some other capacity unrelated to filming and editing.

In Memory of

Rev. Wanda Y. Parker

(Sept. 2021)

Rev. Wanda Parker passed away a few years ago. She touched a lot of lives in her time on this planet. During her time, she worked as a chaplain at a hospital, among other jobs.

To honor her memory, a memorial service was held with a special gift in mind.

A Day To Remember

(Aug. 2018)

In this wedding video, I was responsible for filming multiple aspects, from the bride getting ready to the ceremony and the reception, subsequently editing all the footage.



2 East 8th Productions is

a Chicago video production house that specializes in end-to-end production; from writing to filming to editing and everything in-between.

I was behind-the-scenes monitoring the audio in this short, where several guys decide how to enjoy a night on the town.

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